About Us

Our Mission:

Community Link Federal Credit Union is committed to being the first-choice financial institution in the community dedicated to providing a full range of services to its members in a professional, personal manner.


Community Link Federal Credit Union was established in 1932 as Huntington County Farm Bureau Cooperative Association Credit Union and was located in the old Huntington County Co-op Grain Mill. The grain mill was located where the historical museum now sits.  We were started by local farmers who did business at the grain mill. They wanted a place to save money and eventually loan money to each other.
Huntington_Credit_Union_Community_LinkWhen the grain mill went out of business the credit union moved to its current location on Etna Avenue which was once a Texaco gas station. The credit union moved in to the small building that Texaco once housed. In 1992 the credit union changed its name to Huntington County Farm Bureau Credit Union.

After several years the credit union eventually grew out of space and around 1996, the old building was demolished and they built the beautiful building that you know today. In 2002, the credit union changed its name, once again, to Community Credit Union. Finally, in 2006 the credit union changed its name for the last time to Community Link Federal Credit Union as a result of becoming a federally chartered credit union. We are proud of our long history of serving Huntington County and are excited to see what the future holds for us.