How does a debit card work?

Our debit cards are backed by Visa and work like a credit card. You can use the debit card to withdraw funds from an ATM using a PIN number. You can also use a debit card to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted. When you use your card with a PIN number, otherwise known as a PIN transaction, that transaction will be deducted from your account immediately. If you use your card like a credit card, you do not enter your PIN number, that transaction will not hit your account until the merchant sends the file out. This means that transaction may not hit your account for a day or two.

How can I check my balance on my account?

We have 2 free methods for members to check their balances, make transfers, or know their account activity. We have a free automated phone system known as ART that you can call anytime. You must know your account number and have a special PIN number to access ART. We also have free online access known as OTIS. You will need to have a user ID and password to access OTIS. Stop by the credit union to sign up for either service. You can also check your balance at an ATM but it will charge you $1.00 to do so.